Imagine this, you wake up to a new day and see that it is finally spring, and it is time for the annual spring cleaning. What do you do? You head out and see how dirty your exterior surfaces have gotten. When that happens, what is the next step that you need to take? The answer is, you need to find a way to clean this mess somehow.

The main issue starts when you attempt to clean everything by hand, only to find out that the entire process will end up taking longer than you would want to. And for that reason, it should be common sense that you should invest in a rated voltage pressure washer. When it comes to pressure washing, everything should be under control and you should feel like the cleaning is being done easily.

However, if you are someone who feels like you are doing pressure washing for the first time, then there can be a big debate on whether you should invest in an electric or a gas pressure washer. Both can have their advantages and disadvantages and it can feel daunting to decide between the two.

We will take a look at both of the pressure washers and see what the difference is between an electric or a gas pressure washer. For that reason, there really is not that much of a difference between the two pressure washers, and we will discuss all there is to know about them so let’s get started!

Electric pressure washer

The first type of pressure washer that we will look at is known as an electric pressure washer, which has a lot of good features that can make you want to select that too so let’s get started!

  • The first thing to note is that the recommended psi on an electric power washer is between 1200 and 2000, which is the recommended amount for people who want to use it daily.
  • Another thing to note is that the GPM on electric power washers is comparatively low as compared to gas washers, such as the typical GPM will be 1.4 or lower so that it can be used more gently.
  • When it comes to costs, the electric power washer will typically run a lot cheaper as compared to gas power washers, since they do not require a lot of maintenance and are typically made for daily use.
  • Electric power washers are typically a lot less durable, and they end up breaking more easily, and for that reason, while they might be good for daily use, they are not reliable as long-term consistent power equipment.
  • It sprays out cold water but some electric washers also have the option of pumping out hot water so that they are able to clean surfaces more effectively.

Gas power washer

Moving on, we will look at a gas power washer so let’s get started.

  • The usual psi on a gas pressure washer is between 2500 and 4000, and it is typically used for more heavy-duty surfaces.
  • The GPM on a gas power washer is typically higher as compared to electric power washers, such as the typical GPM being 3.
  • For this reason, a gas power washer is typically more expensive since it is able to pump out the water so easily.
  • The pressure washer will pump out cold water and it will be able to easily clean surfaces with ease so that you do not face any issues.


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