When shopping for necklaces, we mainly focus on the best sliver necklaces for women and choose the one we like. Whereas we are supposed to consider ourselves and body structure to choose a necklace. Globally, there are different types of necklaces that are attractive enough. And because we want the best, it is always cool to go for the best. But today, looking for only the best necklace can be an impossible task. With different necklaces from reputable brands spread across the world, you have many options. Therefore, the only way to get your best necklace is to narrow your choices by considering some factors.

The first thing you may want to consider is your preference. Do you want a silver necklace, or do you prefer the gold counterparts? When you have this choice, you should now consider your physique to be sure if that choice fits you. Factors like your face shape, height, and weight should influence your necklace choice. For instance, if you are on the big side, your necklace need not be too flashy or long. If it is flashy or long, you will attract unnecessary attention and may not exactly like the reactions. Another thing that determines your necklace choice and how you style the necklace is the outfits you wear most. No one knows your wardrobe more than you. And there are different ways to style your necklace, depending on the outfit. For instance, you can not wear a necklace on a turtle neck the way you will on a check shirt. In this guide, we will be going over how to wear a necklace on the different outfits you own.

On a Turtle Neck

Turtleneck outfits Rose to fame in the last couple of years, and since then, it has become one of the main outfits for official purposes. The turtle neck design enables it to cover the whole of your neck. Therefore, wearing a necklace directly on your skin will not be the best option. If your necklace stays beneath the turtleneck, it won’t be visible, which nullifies the reason for buying the necklace. If you want to style your necklace with a turtleneck, you have to make it visible. For this type of outfit, a necklace with a pendant is your best option.

On a Vneck Shirt

Shirts that have an opening that imitates the V letter are also amazing pieces to wear your necklace. With these shirts, there is enough space for your necklace to sit on your skin directly and to be shown to onlookers. If you are wearing a necklace over a V-neck, you may want to be careful with the length. The necklace shouldn’t be long enough to reach the v-shape.

On a Shirt

T-shirts are probably the most common outfits we wear in our wardrobes. It is one of the outfits that gives flexibility when it comes to wearing your chain. If you want to wear the chain inside or outside your shirt, it is allowed.


With numerous outfit options, we wear every day, finding the perfect one for your necklace matters. We have described how to wear the necklace in this guide.


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