A person cleaning the car by a garage with a high pressure washer.

Everything about a pressure washer is easy. From its Easy installation to the way it makes washing your surfaces, both large and small, quickly is amazing. With a pressure washer, you only need a proper setup, and you will clean within a twinkle of an eye. The only action you will need to take is to control the nozzle of a pressure washer. For such an amazing device, a pressure washer is not a complex one. It works with a simple energy source, a water source, and a pump. The water source or a pressure washer, most of the time, is a tap. To connect the pressure washer to the tap, there’s a high-pressure hose.

Since a pressure washer is totally useless when you can’t have water, there is an urgent need to protect the hose as much as possible. More so, getting a pressure washer hose on its own may not exactly be an easy task, and considering the amount of money used in buying a pressure washer, you will want it to last long. Luckily, storing a pressure washer hose is a task as easy as using the pressure washer – all you need is the right guide. Keep reading to get the proper steps of storing a pressure washer hose.

Turn off your pressure washer and remove the hose

Pressure washers work with water, and the component you want to remove is the one with water. Therefore, the first thing is to think of safety, especially if you are using an electrically powered pressure washer. First, turn off your pressure washer, then unplug it from the socket if you are using an electric pressure washer. After you have switched off the pressure washer, removing the hose is now a safe procedure. If your pressure washer has a user manual, it will show how to fix and remove it properly.

Straighten your hose to its length

Because you are using your hose to wash and it can be tangled and very long. Except you have a lot of space to stretch it out at its length, you can’t store the hose in the entire length. Even when you store it at its length, it is still dangerous. But stretch the hose well to keep it straight.

Drain all water using your shoulders as a help

Whether you like it or not, water will remain in your house. What you can do is to reduce the water in the hose as much as possible. It’s an easy process, and all you need to do is hang the hose on your shoulder from one end, and the water will come forward. After that, you can repeat the process for the other end.

Lay it back and hold one end with your foot and loop

The safest way to store your hose is to keep it as a loop. To do this, you will place your foot on one end of the hose and apply a bit of pressure. The pressure shouldn’t be too much, but it must be sufficient enough to hold it stable. After that, you can turn it into loops.


Keeping your house properly is as important as maintaining the pressure washer. You can follow the process above to store your water well.


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